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Here We Go!

The Hyde School Mission:

Develop Character to Discover Unique Potential


Last Friday, we welcomed the seniors and post-graduates of the class of 2024 to campus for a leadership retreat to get ready for the year. Then, on Sunday, the underclassmen arrived, and a dynamic mix of veteran and new students amped things up. The energy was palpable as veteran students greeted their teachers and friends while the new students created a sense of excitement for the coming year. That first evening students met in their dormitories to learn names and get to know each other. The seniors set the tone by sharing our Working Agreements. These were formulated by students and faculty, have been refined over the years, and have become the basis of Hyde culture. Examples of this year's student working agreements include:

  • Hyde Five Words - We strive to establish a community where we work towards individual and community goals while strengthening our Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity, and Concern.
  • Hyde Ethics - Truth is our primary guide. We do not lie, cheat, or steal, and we support the leadership of students who are setting the standards.
  • Residential Life - The dorms are our homes on campus. Our goal is to really get to know each other and to live together with respect, cooperation, and enjoyment.
  • Sportsmanship - We are competitive, tough, and honorable. We cheer on and respect our teammates and never belittle anyone. When we fall short, we make amends and make it right.
  • Study Hall - As a student body, we strive to create a productive study atmosphere that encourages the pursuit of intellectual excellence.
  • Technology Ethics - We use technology in appropriate ways and honor the times we step away from tech in order to fully connect with each other.
  • Each Other's Keeper - This is the glue that holds our community together: our commitment to helping each other achieve our best. We help others make good choices, and continue to help them if they fall short and need to be reminded of their potential.

The seniors shared some other guidelines with the school including:

  • We maintain an upbeat atmosphere with good-natured banter and humor.
  • We challenge and support each other to be our best.
  • We know everyone in the school - their name and something about them.
  • We strive to include people, not exclude them.
  • We meet regularly as a school to evaluate how the school is living up to its mission.
  • We do not quit and pride ourselves on being #Hydetough.
  • We celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and the community.

Also, every Discovery Group participated in a two-day camping trip at Hyde's Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center, where students and faculty bonded together while enjoying the natural setting. Some comments about this week included:


"Everyone is friendly here. You can feel it."

"I am excited about being back and seeing what I can accomplish."

"What a great group of students!"


As we begin the school year, there is excitement mixed with some nervousness; nevertheless, there is an overall feeling that we have come together for a common purpose - to find our best and bring out the best in each other!


Laura D. Gauld '76

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