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It is always a pleasure to talk to Hyde Alumna and Current Parent, Jessica Ryan ´96. She has owned her own salon for 22 years but her favorite job is being a Mom. Jessica gets to experience the other side of the coin while her son Griffin attends Hyde! We had the opportunity to catch Jessica while she was on campus, she reflected on her time at Hyde and shared some Hyde wisdom for current students. Thank you Jessica!

Describe your career path:
“I never had a mother that recognized how much of a girlie girl I was.  I was very neglected as a child.  Therefore, my career path as a young woman was based around giving myself what I never had.  I ended up becoming a salon owner of 22 years now.  I started taking care of myself with hair and makeup and I opened up my own place right out of school.  I also became a Mother and a Wife at the same time and that was my best career move yet! I love being a Mother more than anything.”

Which word or principle has stayed with you the most?
“The word integrity has stayed with me the most. When you raise yourself and then become a young mom being really true to yourself becomes your oxygen.  When I made decisions, I thought of my kids, if it does not feel right in your soul, you can’t do it.  It will cut your air supply if you don’t live by the rules of your core.”

Which teacher(s) had a particular impact on you?
“Laura Gauld was not my teacher but I was at Hyde when Laura had young kids.  I used to babysit Harrison and the girls.  I watched a young, skinny, knowledgeable, beautiful person stop everything and give Harrison her everyday effort.  I watched her put family first, run the school, be a homemaker and still have time to invite me into her home, which changed my life.  I had never seen a woman like Laura handle Harrison’s news and pull her family close and do it so effortlessly.  Watching Laura hit home for me, you know and you commit to it.  I knew we were alike and if I had not had a chance to watch her, I am not sure how I would have made my choices as a mother.  I am grateful for my time at Hyde, truly.”

What advice might you give to a Hyde student?
“My advice for any student would be to stop making everything about the school and make your time at Hyde what you want it to be.  It will be a special place if you can have the courage to open up and connect with people that feel right for you.  It may not be a student, it may be a staff member, but choose the right people around you to make your experience genuine.  I found that my struggle was that I did not have family at home, so I created my own home at Hyde.  No matter where you are in life, you have to take those five words and principles and make them your own.  It is not about fitting in with Hyde, it’s about taking advantage of the knowledge you gain at Hyde and put it in your own soul and apply it as you live your life.  Live one day at a time, whether you’re 14 and nothing seems clear or confused at 30 and need to hit the reset button; the words and principles are right there for you.  It is the best gift, knowledge for your soul.”

Jessica Ryan