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Mission Statement

The Hyde School community is a rich mosaic of high-potential students united in the common pursuit of personal excellence. Our educational approach is transformational and is specifically designed to help all types of students.  In fact, we pride ourselves on meeting students where they stand and providing the tools necessary for each to realize meaningful success.  

Traditional learners, underachievers, top-tier scholars, artists, athletes and maverick spirits all call Hyde home. With a student-to-teacher ratio of six-to-one, college preparatory academics, a fully staffed Student Support/Wellness center, competitive athletics for all and superb college placement, Hyde students enjoy a level of structure and personalized attention that simply does not exist at larger schools.

At the heart of the Hyde education is a commitment to character development, open and effective communication, personal integrity and impactful leadership. In essence, Hyde takes a multifaceted approach to educating students, that ensures our graduates are both academically and emotionally prepared to thrive in college and beyond. 

100% of Hyde students gain acceptance to college. The question is never if a graduate will go to the next level, but rather where. Hyde firmly believes that college is a match to be made, and we are experts at finding the right match for our students.