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About Hyde: Boilerplate

Hyde School educates families

The whole person philosophy that guides all learning and teaching at Hyde’s boarding campus in Bath, Maine, and through public school initiatives Brooklyn, New York and affiliate schools in Orlando, Florida and Lanham, Maryland, is to develop the individual by developing their inner leadership. Along with a rigorous academic and athletic program, students participate in singer-songwriter workshops, preforming and visual arts programs, student-mentoring programs in Hyde’s New York charter school, and internship and volunteer experiences that help to apply learning to real life. Hyde’s unique character education program helps not only students, but parents, siblings, and grandparents. Hyde teaches that it is never too late to fulfill your unique potential and gain the tools needed for a successful life. 100% of Hyde School graduates are accepted to four-year colleges. To learn more about Hyde School, its summer leadership program, and parenting and teen workshops, log on to

Faces of Hyde

Hyde School Founder Joseph W. Gauld
Hyde School Founder Joseph W. Gauld

Joseph W. Gauld

Founder, Hyde School
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Author of Nature’s Parenting Process: 5 Simple Truths to Empower Our Children, Character First: The Hyde School Way and Why It Works, HYDE: Preparation for Life, and What Kids Want and Need from Parents: How to Bond with and Mentor Children

Joseph “Joey” Gauld is the founder of the first U.S. school to base its program on character education, Hyde School. He received the prestigious Sanford N. McDonnell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Character Education from in 2016, fifty years after the first school opened its doors in 1966. Today there is a public leadership charter school Brooklyn, New York, two affiliate schools, one in Lanham, Maryland and one in Orlando, Florida, and the original independent boarding school in Bath, Maine. These schools use a family-based character education approach that places value on an individual’s character and unique potential. They embrace each student’s family as part of the Hyde community, which allows the students to grow and learn in a comprehensively supportive environment. Hyde Schools have been featured on CBS 60 Minutes, ABC 20-20 and NBC Today and other media. Mr. Gauld continues to work at the schools, particularly as a consultant to the urban schools and the Hyde Foundation as a facilitator in seminars for parents.

Malcolm Gauld
Malcolm Gauld, Hyde Executive Chairman

Malcolm W. Gauld

Executive Director, Hyde Institute
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Author of COLLEGE SUCCESS GUARANTEED: Five Rules to Make it Happen & COLLEGE SUCCESS GUARANTEED 2.0: Five Rules for Parents  | Co-author of The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have

Malcolm Gauld is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on character education and parenting. His character development program, delivered at the Hyde schools, has been featured on The Today Show, PBS, and much more. A natural storyteller, Malcolm uses humor and personal experience to convey his practical, insightful, and timely messages on parenting, character, and leadership to a wide mainstream audience.

Laura Gauld
Laura Gauld, Head of School, Hyde-Bath, Executive Director, Hyde Boarding Schools

Laura D. Gauld

Head of School, Hyde-Bath
Executive Director, Hyde Boarding Schools
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Co-author of The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have

With more than 27 years of classroom and public speaking experience, Laura Gauld has earned a national reputation as a top motivational speaker on parenting, family dynamics, and character education. She has been featured on PBS, in her own parenting series on NBC in Portland, Maine, and numerous television, radio programs, and publications throughout the country.



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