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College Success Guaranteed 2.0: 5 Rules for Parents

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COLLEGE SUCCESS GUARANTEED 2.0: Five Rules for Parents

(Rowman & Littlefield, 2014)

By Malcolm Gauld, President of Hyde School

The follow-up to College Success Guaranteed: Five Rules to Make it Happen, Gauld has written a guidebook specifically for parents of new college students. Version 2.0 offers five simple rules to optimize your son or daughter’s college experience. Written with honesty, insight, and a touch of humor, the book references several contemporary authors, psychologists, and family therapists on the nature of today’s American family, the current national tendency toward parental overprotectiveness, and some new approaches parents might take toward parenting a student of college age as opposed to a younger child. A not-to-miss quick read for parents who want to help their children make as smooth a transition as possible to college.

What Kids Want and Need from Parents

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What Kids Want and Need from Parents: How to Bond with and Mentor Children

(Argo Navis, 2012)

By Joseph Gauld

In Hyde Schools Founder Joseph Gauld’s fourth book, he reveals a dynamic parenting process that has proven to dramatically transform both parents and families. The success of the process centers on creating a deep parent-child bond and parents as mentors. Gauld’s major discovery was that parents’ childhoods—and how parents were raised—were the biggest roadblocks to establishing this bond. Gauld also found parents are unknowingly ceding their parental authority to our achievement society and system of education.

Gauld’s book seeks to help parents transcend these childhood and societal roadblocks to gain the full respect and trust of their children by doing What Kids Want—and Need—From Parents: helping them realize their true best and reaching self-sufficient by roughly age 19.

College Success Guaranteed

To Buy: This book is available in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon.com, or on campus.

COLLEGE SUCCESS GUARANTEED: Five Rules to Make it Happen

(Rowman & Littlefield, 2011)

By Malcolm Gauld, President of Hyde Schools

What better for those seniors, their parents, and new college freshmen than a simple guidebook, an easy-to-read roadmap to the exciting, intimidating, often overwhelming world of higher education? Now, one of the country’s leading educators shares straightforward advice to help college freshman get through their first year with success and aplomb.

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Nature's Parenting Process

Nature’s Parenting Process: Five Simple Truths to Empower Children through Parenting Excellence

(Hyde Foundation Press, 2010)

By Joseph Gauld

This book unlocks nature’s powerful process for raising children, a process that produces truly fulfilling and exceptional lives. It is available to every parent, family, and child. It’s an exciting challenge, which should become our next frontier.

Nature’s Parenting Process, centering on what Gauld calls the “inherent guidelines for raising children,” was inspired by the nationally recognized parenting and family concepts created 44 years ago at the first Hyde School in Bath, Maine. Gauld’s assertion — that parenting today has become painfully confused because of a prevalent mindset that ignores the basic foundation of child-rearing — targets a parenting trend that he sees as both arbitrary and self-regulating and threatens the emotional well-being of today’s youth.

Hyde: Preparation for Life

HYDE: Preparation for Life

(Hyde Foundation Press, 2003)

By Joseph Gauld

The book outlines a human growth process through character education that has been developed at Hyde Schools and in Hyde families over the past 46 years. It explains the core belief that each of us has been endowed with a unique potential that defines our larger purpose in life. Once committed to the development of our unique potential, individuals, families, and indeed, schools and communities, will experience a profound change in their lives.

The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have

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The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have: Find the Right Balance Between Character and Achievement for Your Child

(Scribner, 2002)

By Laura and Malcolm Gauld

In this groundbreaking book, Laura and Malcolm Gauld draw on their experience as parents and as educators at Hyde — an organization of award-winning schools and programs — to argue persuasively that true education springs not just from seeking good grades and achievements, but from reestablishing a commitment to character, attitude, and purpose. Offering a new paradigm for reconnecting education with values, the Gaulds focus attention not on the child, but on the child’s primary teacher — the parent.

Character First

Character First: The Hyde School Way and Why It Works

(Prima Lifestyles, 1995)

By Joseph W. Gauld

Courage. Integrity. Leadership. Curiosity. Concern. These values are sadly missing from today’s schools. Joe Gauld knew this too well as a teacher, coach, and administrator at secondary schools that were supposed to be among the best in the country. He saw a system preoccupied with students’ ability and academic achievement, and blind to their character. Gauld decided to do something about it – start his own school.