Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of school is Hyde?

In many ways, Hyde boarding school is a “traditional” independent boarding school—from our challenging academic standards to our athletic teams to our extra-curricular and leadership opportunities; life at Hyde is all about striving to be the best possible you. But there’s even more to Hyde. Our renowned character education program is designed to help students discover their strengths and grow as confident, prepared leaders.

Many schools focus on achievement first, and character a distant second. We believe that for students to succeed—now and for the rest of their lives—they must develop the values, habits, and resilience that are the hallmarks of strong character.

Hyde’s founding principles are Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity and Concern. These principles are at the core of everything we teach, and it’s this focus on character education that makes our school distinctive.

What kind of student thrives at Hyde?

In 1968, our founder, Joe Gauld, developed Hyde’s founding premise:  Every individual has a unique potential that defines a destiny. The students that benefit most from a Hyde education are those that are willing to consider their potential. They are committed to developing their character and excited about their futures.

Hyde students are active participants in our dynamic peer culture; they’re willing to push themselves intellectually and personally; they’re curious about testing new skills, uncovering new talents, and learning from experience. If this sounds like you, contact our admission team to start a conversation.

What kinds of classes do students take at Hyde?

Hyde’s rigorous college-preparatory curriculum is designed to make sure our students succeed in college, their careers, and their lives after Hyde. Our classes are small, student-focused, and engaging—we often find students talking about what they’ve learned long after the last class of the day has ended. 100% of Hyde graduates are accepted to a four-year college, and we’re proud of their accomplishments in college and in their lives.

To learn more about academics at Hyde, including our AP and Honors courses, 6:1 student-to-faculty ration, whole-student grading system, and faculty that will go to the ends of the earth for our students, click here.

What about students that need additional academic support?

Hyde offers our Academic Support Program, which is designed to help students succeed in our challenging academic environment.  The program teaches academic skills with targeted levels of support and also helps students to build their confidence, take ownership for their educations, and build skills for the future.

How are applicants evaluated?

We encourage every student to visit Hyde School with their family. The visit gives students the chance to tour campus, meet Hyde’s students, interview with a member of our Admission staff, and ask questions. We also host Admissions Events such as Open Houses and Admission Receptions throughout the year, which offer a glimpse into life at Hyde.

The Admission staff evaluates each of our applicants to determine if the student-school relationship is a potential fit for the student and the school. Our admission process is different—we’re looking for signs that a student has the right attitude and is willing to be an active participant in life at the school. We seek students who are open to new opportunities, eager to grow, and excited to bring their voices to our dynamic peer culture.

How are parents involved in Hyde’s character education program?

Hyde’s Family Education Program is completely unique to Hyde, and it has everything to do with the ways that Hyde teaches students to succeed. We believe that a strong family partnership is a critical component of life-long learning. Hyde families work together and alongside other families to challenge themselves, learn together, and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.  The Family Education Program asks parents to be active participants in their child’s process of personal growth, and to be engaged, active learners at the same time that their students are learning at Hyde.

We encourage you to start a conversation with a member of our Admission staff to learn more about how Hyde might be the right fit for your family.