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Celebrating one of our own!

Malcom Gauld Wins Distinguished Service Award Written by Bob Felt Congratulations to our very own Malcolm Gauld ’71, for recently being awarded a Distinguished Service Award by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The award honors those individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to promoting high-quality education for all students through consistent and… Read more »

Malcolm’s Blog

It’s a culture… not a program

The end game of the Discovery Process is easy enough to articulate: An uplifting school culture that inspires students and teachers to strive to be the best versions of their individual and collective selves. Admittedly, that goal is easier to explain than achieve. In one of our training videos, Jared Shade (Superintendent of the Upper… Read more »

“Oh, Mr. Senior…”

If you recognize the head gear I am holding in my right hand, you probably attended Hyde during its first five years of existence. If not, well… Back in Hyde days of old — Think: all boys… living, eating, and learning in the Mansion… coats & ties everyday… sit-down lunches and dinners (including Sunday noon… Read more »

The 25 Modules of the Hyde Discovery Process

Here are a few sentences describing each of the 25 modules comprising the Hyde Discovery Process. Each module contains a 6-10 minute introductory video and four to six lessons. Daily Check-In – Perhaps the most critical activity in Discovery Process, the Daily Check-In provides the opportunity to take the collective temperature of the Discovery Group… Read more »