Hyde School Blog

Puerto Rico Spring Break Service Trip

“I’m grateful for all the basic needs I had considered necessities prior to our trip: cold drinking water, warm showers, a bed, hygiene, and the list goes on. By forfeiting these luxuries I was able to fully immerse myself in a culture that exposed me to how the greatness of human potential lies in community…. Read more »

News from the Wilderness Squad

By Wilderness Faculty Michelle Beebe Winter has been busy for the Hyde Wilderness Department. We finished the decks to our winter yurts and Mother Nature has graced us with at least four feet of snow. This gives us ample opportunity for snowshoeing, skiing, and, you guessed it…shoveling! We’ve run different programs here on the Black… Read more »

The 2 Ways Hyde Has Helped Me Build My Confidence

By Gaby Hirsch ’20 To me, the word confidence is being able to trust yourself and your abilities. Confidence is something that many teenagers seek to find, especially within ourselves. Self-esteem is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Coming to Hyde last winter, I did not trust my self,… Read more »

President Malcolm’s Blog

My Musical Life in 4 Phases

I am teaching an on-line music course to 9 students currently scattered across the globe from Vietnam to Portugal, from Maine to Texas to the island of Nantucket and places in between.  To get to know each other, each student has been constructing his or her own musical history. Here’s mine. I remember… #1 Childhood… Read more »

A Few of My Favorite Things… (all within 15 miles of home)

Live anyplace long enough and you can’t help but establish a set of go-to food options. Before I show you mine… I’m not saying they’re the best in their category. I’m also not saying that other very good options do not exist. I’m simply saying that they qualify as epicurean habits in my daily life…. Read more »

Us the Living

“It is for us the living” to continue to test whether “any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”