Health Center

Health & Wellness

Hyde School is committed to the physical and mental health of all of our students. We look forward to meeting you and caring for your son/daughter throughout the school year.

Location & Hours

Health services is located in Warren Hall on the Woodstock campus and includes a health center that is staffed 7 days per week (1/2 day on Sunday) and is available to students in the event of injury, illness, or emergency, and counseling resources.

We house a main nurse’s office, medication room, treatment room, counseling office, and two rooms with three beds to care for students who become ill at school.

There is on call emergency nursing coverage 24 hours per day. During off hours, the nurse can be reached by the faculty on duty.


Phone: (860) 963-4731 (days) or (860) 963-4738 (evenings)
Fax: (860) 963-4723
Email: Director of Health Services, Bobbie-Jo Saucier, RN

Woodstock health staff
Left to right: Kristine Di Noia, Marybeth Murdock, Amanda Silva, and Bobbie-Jo Saucier

The health office staff includes:

  • Dr. Joseph Alessandro, Medical Director
  • Bobbie-Jo Saucier, RN, ATC Director of Health Services
  • Kristine DiNoia, RN
  • Amanda Silva, RN
  • Christine Antos, LPN
  • Marybeth Murdock, LPN

Dan Wyand, ATC is the Head Athletic Trainer for Hyde School. He is an integral part of our team in the event of sports injuries. Dan provides preventative education, treatment, care, and rehabilitation services for all of Hyde’s athletes.

Bobbie-Jo Saucier, RN and Director of Health Services is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and is an additional resource for a recovering athlete.

Hyde School also has strong relationships with local orthopedists and physical therapists who are readily available to see our students and provide diagnostics and care as needed.

Health Forms & Information

Your child’s health is important to us. The information that you provide to us each year is essential for helping the health care staff care for your child. In the event that your child would need medical attention while here, our medical providers would rely on this information to treat your child. We appreciate your time and efforts as you complete all of the required health forms that are available here for your convenience. ALL students are required to have a physical examination completed yearly and should be up-to-date prior to the start of the new school year. To ensure that all completed forms are submitted with the appropriate signatures, a health office registration checklist is available to you at the beginning of the registration packet. All paperwork for the upcoming summer sessions and/or school year should be completed and mailed into the health office by August 1st.