Girls Junior Varsity Soccer

2016 Fall Schedule


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W 1-0

Date Opponent Time Result
9/17/16 (H) vs Richmond 2:45pm  POSTPONED
9/21/16 (H) vs Hebron 2:45pm W 2-1
9/24/16 (A) vs Gould 3:30pm L 2-1
9/28/16 (H) vs MTA SCRIMMAGE 4:00pm L 0-6
10/1/16 (A) vs MCI 2:00pm L 0-6
10/6/16 (A) vs MTA 5:00pm  L 7-1
10/15/16 (H) vs Morse 1:30pm L 0-2
10/25/16 (A) vs Hebron 4:15pm T 1-1
10/29/16 (H) vs Gould Academy 3:30pm T 0-0
11/2/16 (H) vs Gould MAISAD SEMIFINALS  2:30pm W 2-0
11/4/16 (A) vs MAISAD CHAMPIONSHIP @Hebron  1:45pm

Game Reports

Phoenix Tennis Falls to Kents Hill 0-5

Hyde School:     0 Kents Hill:          5 Kents Hill School traveled to Bath for a match with the Phoenix on Wednesday.   The contest was held in the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center on Wednesday afternoon. 1st Singles:          Nolan Barry                      2                   0              (loss) Christian Cuntze              6            6 2nd Singles:         Able Kaplan                         1            0            (loss) Cormac Kenny                … Read more »

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