Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

2016 Fall Schedule


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Date Opponent Time Result
9/17/16 (H) vs Richmond 2:15pm  T 2-2
9/21/16 (A) vs MTA 5:00pm  L 3-1
9/23/16 (A) vs Gould Academy 4:00pm L 3-0
9/28/16 (H) vs Hebron 2:45pm L 5-1
10/1/16 (A) vs MCI 3:30pm L 4-0
10/4/16 (A) vs Morse 4:00pm L 3-2
10/5/16 (H) vs Gould Academy 2:30pm L 0-2
10/6/16 (H) vs Berwick Academy 4:45pm POSTPONED
10/8/16 (A) vs Hebron 3:00pm L 0-6
10/12/16 (H) vs MTA 4:00pm L 3-0
10/15/16 (H) vs Kents Hill 1:30pm L 0-2
10/19/16 (A) vs Thornton Academy 6pm L 2-7
10/22/16 (A) vs Woodstock 3:00pm T 0-0
10/26/16 (A) vs Kents Hill 4:00pm L 2-3
10/29/16 (H) vs Thornton Academy 1:00pm L 1-5
11/2/16 (A) vs Berwick Academy 3:00pm W 2-0

Game Reports

Phoenix Tennis vs Hebron Academy

Hyde School: 0 Hebron Academy: 5 Hebron Academy traveled to Bath to play the first of two MAISAD matches this season.  The contest was held in the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center on Wednesday afternoon. 1st Singles:          John Westmoreland       2              3              (loss) Pablo Serrano                  6            6 2nd Singles:         Nolan Barry                      1            3            (loss) AJ Meo… Read more »

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