Malcolm W. Gauld

Malcolm Gauld, Hyde Schools President

Malcolm Gauld, Hyde Schools President

Author of COLLEGE SUCCESS GUARANTEED: Five Rules to Make it Happen
Co-author of The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have
President, Hyde Schools

Malcolm Gauld is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on character education and parenting. His character development program, delivered at the Hyde schools, has been featured on The Today Show, PBS, and much more. A natural storyteller, Malcolm uses humor and personal experience to convey his practical, insightful, and timely messages on parenting, character, and leadership to a wide mainstream audience.

As president of Hyde Schools—the private high schools that pioneered the famous “Attitude over Aptitude” philosophy and featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20—and an educator for three decades, Malcolm is an unapologetic speaker and award-winning writer on the decline of effective parenting and has published articles on such topics as inspiring children to develop their character, why good teaching cannot overcompensate for bad parenting, and why cheating is rampant in America’s schools.

Malcolm and his wife, Laura, addressed these challenges in their acclaimed book The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have (Scribner), a unique educational resource that focuses on a child’s primary teacher—the parent. In their book, and in The Biggest Job® Workshops that emerged from it, the Gaulds articulate ten core beliefs to parents—The 10 Priorities—that address how families can raise successful children of strong character in an achievement-at-any-cost culture.

An accomplished speaker, Malcolm delivers high-energy, compelling, and memorable presentations on character education and parenting at conferences and workshops throughout the country, for diverse groups, including the Young President’s Organization (YPO). Abundant testimonials demonstrate how children of all abilities and from every kind of background succeed far beyond any expectations of them, both personally and academically—thanks to what they and their families learn from the Gaulds, their workshops, and Hyde Schools.

A native New Englander, Malcolm is the oldest child of Hyde’s founder, educator, and author, Joseph W. Gauld. He graduated from Hyde School in Bath, ME in 1972. After graduating from Bowdoin College with a BA in Government and History, Malcolm went on to Harvard University, where he received a Master’s degree in Education, with special emphasis on Administration, Planning, and Social Policy. In 1987, Malcolm assumed the post of a Hyde Head of School on the Bath campus. Following his Klingenstein Fellowship at Columbia University in 1995, Malcolm served as President of the Independent Schools Association of Northern New England (ISANNE), an organization of more than 50 schools in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, until 1998.

Malcolm spends his leisure time playing lacrosse and basketball, surfing, and marathon running. His passion for rock, jazz, and blues resounds in his writing and presentations. He lives in Bath with Laura and their three children.

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