Tourney Time @ Augusta

Say the word “Augusta” and all golfers’ eyes light up with enthusiasm.  The same thing happens at Hyde-Bath even though we don’t have even have a golf  team.

What we do have is a boy’s basketball team that will be battling this weekend for the right to represent Western Maine in the state championship finals for the coveted Gold Ball in Class D (small schools), a distinction last won in 1997.  (Our girl’s teams played in the finals in 2005 and 2007, finishing both times as runner’s up.)  This will also be happening at Augusta…. Maine, that is.

One of Hyde’s annual challenges comes in the simple form of a calendar month.  It’s called February.  Whenever Phoenix teams play into the later rounds at Augusta, the whole school comes out of hibernation and Phoenix Phans are known throughout the state for both our enthusiasm and sense of sportsmanship.  (It also works out that our other teams have finished their seasons so the whole school can join together in supporting the team.)

So, we’ll be there in full force this Saturday at 2:45 PM. If you can’t join us, watch (or live stream) the game on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

In the meantime, check out this news clip on a Maine TV station (WLBZ) news piece:

And yes, alums, the Laughlynn Bragg ’12 interviewed in the piece is indeed the daughter of Tom Bragg ’93, the coach of that 1997 championship team and a player on the ’81 team that won it all.  (He’s one of a select few individuals to win a Gold Ball as both a player and a coach.)

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld