Performing Arts Show: Bath, 2011

The Hyde School community  – students and faculty – performed their annual Spring Family Weekend show for parents on Saturday, April 16th.  The show honored Hyde’s past by performing numbers from Hyde’s 1976 Bicentennial show “America’s Spirit.”  The show also featured original music, student choreography, and the traditional large group numbers that are hallmarks of the high power performance which showcases the entire student body.  Below you can read the show program.


American Paradox:

A collection of short stories

Hyde School Performing Arts 2011


America embodies paradoxes:   America dreams of freedom and opportunity for all while we alienate immigrants; America imagines marvelous creations that improve life but then we become ruled by them; America strives to expand, yet sometimes we burden others with our striving.

Performing Arts also embodies paradox.    Students must say “Yes” to their inner childlike spirits on stage while saying “No” to their baser instincts as children back stage.  Students must push to sing to the rafters only to turn around and keep their mouths closed in transition.  They must boldly initiate action and humbly follow directions.  Students must learn to perform and not merely entertain. Seniors must take the spotlight and create spotlight moments for underclassmen.  

Through it all, we are tested, yet the tension both fuels and transforms us.  Like any catalyst, the pressure created by life’s paradoxes makes us stronger and we endure. 

Thank you for joining us.  Enjoy the show!

 Run of Show

“America the Beautiful”                      arrangement by Brain Thompson and Ethan Bryan

                                                   with words by Katharine Lee Bates & melody by Samuel Ward

     Immigration – L. Kidwell, Moore, Muchimuti, M. Newberg, Redstone, Smith

“Give Us the Child”      original score Hyde School ’76 from the poem by Emma Lazarus

“I Hear America Singing”                                                                                          Walt Whitman

“America”                                                                        from the film score to West Side Story

Vignettes                                                                                      student stories of immigration

          Technology – Foye, Grant, Grant, H. Newberg, Mercer, Romac

Monologues                                                                     giving voice to famous innovators

“Space Oddity”                                                                                                        David Bowie

Vignettes                                                                                 student stories of technology

“Mr. Roboto”                                                                                                                        Styx

          Expansion – Chesterton, Coleman, Eberhart, Gregory, H. Kidwell, Levesque

“Shenandoah”                                                       lyrics by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

“Uncle Penn”                                                                                                            by Bill Monroe

Monologue                                                giving voice to the Native American experience

“You Can’t Go Home”                                                             original score Hyde School ‘76

Monologue                               giving voice to JFK’s vision of altruistic global expansion

Vignette                                                        student stories of America’s global expansion


“Song to Woody / New Day”                         Bob Dylan and original score Hyde School ‘76