City of Bath Arbor Week events spotlights Hyde’s “Keebler Elf” tree

Keebler Elf tree

You may have passed these trees hundreds of times and not noticed that they were special. The Camperdown Elm, Latin name Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii,’ on the front lawn of the Hyde School on High Street, is one of those odd trees. The elm, affectionately known as the Keebler Elf tree by countless generations of Hyde students, will be celebrated on May 18, with a ceremony and a plaque.

“The tree was chosen for its age, size, and stature on the lawn,” said Kyle Rosenberg, city arborist. Rosenberg will be on hand tree-side to apply the plaque in a short ceremony.

In addition, Elizabeth Haskell, Chairman of the Bath Community Forestry Committee, informed Hyde School president Malcolm Gauld that the school was being recognized by the board with the Outstanding Landscaping Award.

The public is welcome to the 10 AM ceremony and is invited to take a tour of the Hyde Campus, the trees and the gardens with Hyde staff, the City arborist and the BCFC Committee members. Refreshments will be served on the Hyde mansion veranda.

Phenomenal Performances at the 12th Annual Singer Songwriter Event

Hyde School Songwriter's Group

Write, now sing, were the instructions, and that is what they did!

Twenty students from Hyde-Bath, Hyde-Woodstock, and Morse High School wrote songs and then performed them to a sold out crowd at the Chocolate Church on Saturday evening, February 27. The students did not go it alone but had some professional help from facilitators of the 12th annual Singer Songwriters Workshop.

Grammy award Winner Michael McDonald, his son Hyde alumnus Dylan McDonald ’07, Hyde alumnus Brian Thompson ’07, rock and soul singer Madison Welsley from Memphis, inspirational recording artist Lisa Redfern of Maine, singer Lauren Crosby, songwriter Emily Rose from Georgetown, and singer-songwriter Tim Mercer of Portland took the students through the many twists and turns of lyric writing and accompaniment.

Matt Newberg, head of the Music and Performing Arts Department, currently swamped getting the demos mixed and out on CD for the group, took a moment to talk about the most important part of the adventure. He said, “For me, it is both seeing Hyde alumni return to facilitate and watching how easily our students welcome both Hyde-Woodstock and Morse High School students.”

“This year’s show was perhaps the most accomplished so far; I can’t think of a single student performance that wasn’t right on the money,” said Newberg when he recalled the Saturday night performance at the venue in Bath. The crowd of about 140 people was appreciative, supportive, and enthusiastic. “Highlights were Hayden Connor, performing for the first time ever, and Maya Markowicz performing the first song she’s ever written.”

Connor Foye, one of a dozen participants from Hyde-Bath said, “One of the best parts of working with the Hyde alumni is seeing that people like me can go on to make a career in music. Everyone was such a big help; working with people like Michael McDonald is an opportunity that I never expected to have. It was really amazing to have people with that much experience give you their advice.”

Connor, who has written lyrics in the past and has received such accolades on YouTube as “only decent self-written song I’ve seen on YouTube. Well done mate, keep writing!” mentioned, “I’ve always written songs, but over the week I’ve been learning how to write songs that not only sound good, but songs that mean something. The skills I learned in the Songwriters Workshop I’ll be able to take forward with me. I am now empowered to write songs that I feel good about and will continue to improve my writing.”

The music program at Hyde School is unique. The program offers academic courses such as Introducing Music Theory and Songwriting, Theory and Performance, and Sound Engineering and Stage Production. The curriculum provides hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art recording studio on the Bath campus under the expert guidance of Matt Newberg, Director of the Music Department. Added to the mix is an annual Songwriters Workshop, a trip to Nashville to record, and summer songwriting workshops. Each of these components contributes to the broad scope of what Hyde offers to its students interested in music. The program also feeds their curiosity and confidence by teaching them to write, perform, and appreciate music.

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Listen to the Demos

Watch Connor Foye Perform with Michael McDonald and Brian Thompson

Leadership Day 2015: Students Discover Their Leadership Potential

Over 1,200 students, teachers and presenters flooded the Bath campus of Hyde School, Friday, November 6 for the fourth Maine Youth Leadership day. The 55 schools represented at the conference were from across Maine and represented both public and independent institutions, middle through high school.

United States Senator Susan M. Collins led with an inspiring keynote address, for which there was standing room only. She explained to the room the importance of making allies with your enemies, using an example of her first political race. Her opponent for governor was none other than Angus King, who she now works side-by-side with in the U.S. Senate over twenty years later.

She also challenged the students to step up to leadership positions to erase cyber-bullying in their schools.

Before the attendees dispersed to attend the morning workshops, they separated into thirty smaller groups. The groups were named after leadership words such as “determination,” “confidence,” and “motivation.”

A series of workshops followed, led by thirty outstanding Maine business and community leaders, on topics ranging from exploring leadership in sports, accepting victories and losses, women in leadership roles, making the most of every opportunity, to business management. 88-year old Hyde Founder Joseph Gauld led a workshop entitled “The Four Principles of Becoming Leader,” in which he afterward remarked that the students were very excited to learn about and practice using their “playground voices” during his public speaking section. Olympic hopeful and world bronze medal wrestler Leigh Jaynes presented on her journey from a tough childhood through becoming a leader to promote female wrestling.

The event wrapped up with an 18 member student panel answering five questions put to them by moderator Kevin Folan of Hyde School. The questions ranged from “What inspired you today” to “What are some of the most critical issues of your generation?” Many students promised to eliminate cyber-bullying in their schools in response to U.S. Senator Collins’ speech, and others mentioned the takeaways from the workshops they had attended, such as the importance of embracing adversity, learning from setbacks, and having the confidence to be who you are. Since the morning was devoted to hearing expertise from adults, the panel provided the students an opportunity to reflect and weigh in on leadership challenges and strengths they face on a daily basis.

Director of the 1808 Media House at Bridgton Academy, Nick LeBel, said the day was a tremendous opportunity for students from his school to learn that they can in fact be leaders. He said that they wouldn’t normally think of themselves as having leadership potential, but after attending Leadership Day they returned to school full of new confidence, and equipped with the knowledge of how to use what they learned to start their personal journeys toward becoming leaders. “Leadership is not something we talk about on a daily basis at school,” Nick said, “so this day set aside specifically to focus on leadership, and what qualities and characteristics leaders need, was so important for our students. It brings the conversation back to Bridgton, where we can continue  and expand upon it.”



Defending World Bronze Medalist and Women’s Olympic Wrestling Hopeful at Leadership Day at Hyde School

Leigh Jaynes

Olympic women’s wrestling hopeful, Leigh Jaynes, will present a workshop titled “Make The Most of Every Opportunity: Chick Wrestler” during the Leaders of the 207 Leadership Day symposium at Hyde School this Friday. Jaynes, who is ranked number-one in the U.S. and the defending 2015 World Bronze Medalist, will also be leading two public wrestling clinics on Friday evening and Saturday morning sponsored by USA Wrestling – Maine following the Leadership event.

Leigh Jaynes

New Jersey native Leigh Jaynes has a story that will inspire you. Emancipated at age 16 trying to escape the child welfare system, Jaynes started wrestling in high school to prove her toughness and continued with the sport after many road blocks and disappointments. Her mental toughness has led her to where she is today, not only as a National Champion and World Medalist wrestler, but as someone who is paving the way for women’s wrestling. She has also earned the rank of U.S. Army Captain. Today she is part of the U.S. Army’s World Class Athletes Program and a resident at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

Chick Wrestler logo

The fourth Maine Youth Leadership Day takes place this Friday, November 6, 2015, at Hyde School’s campus in Bath. The featured speaker is United States Senator Susan Collins. The theme for the event is “Understanding our differences, embracing our similarities,” and the day is sponsored by The Maine State Leadership Alliance at Hyde School.

This conference will bring together a field of distinguished Maine community and business leaders and over 1,000 aspiring student leaders representing over 50 Maine schools. The day will focus on the importance and challenges of sound moral character and the practice of leadership; in turn helping students develop a heightened sense of personal leadership and character.

Uncovering and nurturing a student’s leadership skills has been part of a Hyde education for the past 50 years. The leadership school’s founder, Joseph W. Gauld, has always believed that each student has a gift to give his or her community and to the world. He founded Hyde School upon the belief that “Each of us is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.”

They Hyde student media team will be broadcasting live interview clips with students between workshops and the public can follow the day on twitter through #leadersofthe207.

For more information on the Leigh Jaynes wrestling clinics, please contact Alan Kinnerson, 207-699-8808 or If you have a school group who would like to attend, please contact Stefan Jensen at 207-443-7380,, or

Fall Family Weekend 2015

Thank you to all the families who were able to make it to the Wooodstock and Bath Fall Family Weekends! We enjoyed having you participate in class rotations, cheering on the students at their athletic competitions, and taking part in the Family Education component that makes Hyde so unique.

A special thank you to Qunhua Nong, (mother of Bill Ge), who spoke to the whole community about her experience as a young female athlete in the competitive environment of Olympic-level badminton. Nong is an Olympic silver medalist in badminton who surpassed her own hopes and vision for her success and dealt with much adversity as she rose to the highest level of the sport in the world. She told the assembly that the challenge continued when she became a parent. Bath faculty member Fan Luo said of the talk, “I was excited because for the first time we had a Chinese parent speak at community meeting. I used to watch her on TV and now I get to introduce her in a foreign country.”


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