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Joe Gauld: Why do we do athletics at Hyde?

The e-mail note below explains. Hailun Ni is arguably one of the most diligent academic students that has attended Hyde in the last ten years. As a senior, her sights are set on an Ivy League school. But as her father explains, her strengthened “will” has been a result of her participation in cross country… […]

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Joe Gauld on Charademics

β€œIntelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Observers of Hyde have commented over the years on a perceived tension that exists between the character and academic components of the school. I have made it a priority of my leadership to clarify the relationship between our character-based […]

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Ken Grant: Situational vs. Unfailing Character

Back in the early eighties, I was the wilderness director for Hyde School. We used to do a lot of saltwater coastal island-hopping trips back then in large rowing dories. On one trip built as a last chance turnaround trip for the worst attitudes in summer school, I faced a very serious situation. My co-leader […]

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Ken Grant: Words from my Mom

One winter break, I decided to go through some old boxes in the attic. In one of these boxes, I came across a letter my mother had written to Joe Gauld shortly after my Hyde graduation. I share portions of this letter with you. >> It was fascinating to watch Ken develop during those four […]

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