Hall of Honor—Call to Action 2018

In June 2018 Hyde School will induct a second class of alumni into The Alumni Hall of Honor as part of the next major event at Hyde, the We Are Hyde celebration weekend, June 1-3, 2018.


Hyde School established The Alumni Hall of Honor in 2016 to recognize Hyde alumni who exemplify one of The Five Words integral to their Hyde education:

  • Curiosity   I am responsible for my learning.
  • Courage   I learn the most about myself through challenge and taking risks.
  • Concern   I need a challenging and supportive community to develop my character.
  • Leadership   I am a leader by asking the best of myself and others.
  • Integrity   I am gifted with a unique potential. Conscience is my guide to uncovering it.

The six inductees to the inaugural Alumni Hall of Honor Class in 2016 are:

Paul Hurd ’67 (In Memoriam) – Teacher
Nelson Arnstein ’71 – Physician, Astronomer, Marathoner, Photographer
Joanne (Wingood) Goubourn ’75 – Educator
Stuart Jones ’78 – United States Ambassador to Iraq
Beth (Barclay) Livingston ’83 – Artist, Athlete, Teacher
Jessica (Jackson) Sloan ’01 – Human Rights Attorney

More on the 2016 Hall of Honor Inductees

Please help us identify alumni for consideration in the second class of The Alumni Hall of Honor:

Nominations must be received by March 15, 2018 for consideration.

In addition, please join us for Hyde School’s We are Hyde celebration, June 1-3, 2018. There is much to celebrate – new inductees, Hyde reunions, the artistic performances of Hyde alumni, family-fun events, and Joe Gauld’s 90th birthday! It is guaranteed to be a fun time!


Hall of Honor
Selection Committee


Craig Mael, Class of 1971, Chair, Alumni Hall of Honor
Winthrop, Massachusetts

Erin Brown, Executive Director of Development
Bath, Maine

Pat Burns, Class of 1999
Trummsburg, New York 

Margo Calvetti Frost, Class of 1976
Basalt, Colorado

Caroline W. Gauld, Class of 2010
New York, New York

Meredith W. Hurd, Class of 2004
New York, New York

Gail Kelly, Class of 1979
Lowell, Massachusetts

Peter Morrison, Associate Director of Development
Bath, Maine

Melissa S. Polly, Class of 1994
Sharpsburg, Georgia

Rob Schuller, Class of 1978
Lynn, Massachusetts

Andrew Q. Sylvester, Class of 2003
San Francisco, California

Peter R. Wright, Class of 1985
Norwell, Massachusetts

Aine Zaniewski, Class of 2013
Bath, Maine