60 Minutes

Where Are They Now?

We got in touch with Tripp Holton, Meg Young Yoder, Robert King, Chris Gatty, Bob Felt and Jodi Hinchman Calvi to find out where their lives after Hyde have taken them. Watch the original 60 Minutes piece and then click on the alum below to find out where they are today.

Tripp Holton circa 1989
Tripp Holton circa 1989/2013
Chris Gatty circa 1989
Chris Gatty circa 1989/2013
Meg Young Yoder circa 1989
Meg Young Yoder circa 1989/2013
Bob Felt circa 1989
Bob Felt circa 1989/2013
Robert King circa 1989
Robert King circa 1989/2013

Tripp Holton ’89

Tripp Holton '89
Tripp Holton today

Assistant Professor of Surgery

As far as my career accomplishments, I would say that I am at the beginning of my career.

Getting here has been a long journey, and I could not have done it without Hyde. I am currently an assistant professor of surgery in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. I do general reconstructive surgery as well as some cosmetic plastic surgery. My niche is reconstructive microsurgery for breast cancer reconstruction.

My wife Mara is a private practice Urologist and we live in Annapolis, Maryland with our children Plum and Solomon. They will be at Hyde soon but not soon enough.

Note: Tripp earned his medical degree from Temple University where he was the recipient of both the Mary P. Wiedeman Award for excellence in Physiology and the Doctor Herman Brown Award for excellence in Surgery. He is the author of numerous research studies in Plastic Surgery and practices general plastic surgery with several areas of expertise and interest.

Chris Gatty ’89

Improving the Lives of Others

I am the proud father of a beautiful nine-year-old daughter who is the apple of my eye. She is everything to me. I cherish my walk beside her to point out the subtle beauties, to guide her out of the ruts, to encourage her when she is afraid, to dust her off when she falls, and to carry her when she can’t go on and needs to rest.

She attends a private school where she shares in the “search for those moments and situations when we are most alive.”  At her school, they “create the environment to teach and model integrity in personal behavior, tolerance, and respect in interpersonal relations, engagement in learning, and the pursuit of each child’s capacity for excellence.” Sound familiar?

At the end of January, I will reflect on 20 years without a drink or drug. Wow, time flies. I continue to spend much of my spare time endeavoring to help other men put the plug in the jug. The joy of playing a small part as they change their lives for the better – through reclaiming those five Hyde words and practicing those five Hyde principles – is indescribable.

Materially I have everything I need and most of what I want, but as I have enjoyed success in business and material security, I know that it is not my purpose. I own a home in Marin County which is close to my folks and a safe place for my daughter to call her own.

I remain very close to my folks and family, and we spend a lot of time together. My father is still my hero and has never fallen from that pedestal. In 2009, we spent 16 months remodeling my home each weekend and grew even closer during that time. My mom continues to evolve personally and technically (gadgetry) as our matriarch, and she remains my confidant and my biggest cheerleader.

I took some time off last year, after traveling four days per week for almost a year, to focus on family which was enlightening and rejuvenating. I now lead Human Resources for a small, fast growing fitness company in San Francisco. It is a company and a product set I believe in because we improve the lives of those we touch. The company “develops and delivers world-class training products and workout programs for everyone from fitness professionals and enthusiasts of any age and ability to top-name athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB and UFC, as well as our servicemen and women in every branch of the US military. TRX defines ‘new and cutting edge’ and is changing the way products and programs are made, delivered, and marketed on every level.”

Note: Chris graduated from the University of California with honors and previously was vice president for human relations of a major banking corporation.

Chris Gatty today
Chris Gatty today
Chris Gatty with his daughter
Chris Gatty with his daughter
Hitting the slopes
Hitting the slopes

Meg Young Yoder ’90

Meg Young Yoder today
Meg Young Yoder today
Meg with her husband Dean and their children
Meg with her husband Dean and their children

Putting Values First

After graduating from Hyde in 1990, I attended Bowdoin College, and since I wanted to major in Fine Arts, I transferred to Rutgers University. During a year off from college, I joined the inaugural team of interns for Hyde’s very first public school initiative in Gardiner, Maine. The Hyde leadership team and interns led a “school within a school” and began to introduce Character Education in a public arena. The work in Gardiner was challenging and rewarding and no doubt the seedling that eventually led to the growth of Hyde Public Schools. Though I was not a part of the ultimate success in establishing the Hyde Leadership Charter Schools, the charter-world would come to play a huge role in my life.

After college, I moved to Colorado where I soon met and married Dean Yoder. Interestingly, Dean was born into an Amish family that had recently broken from their parish. Though they had left the Amish, and were shunned as a result, Dean’s experience as a young boy was very different from mine. He spoke Pennsylvania Dutch (no English), had no electricity, wore hand-sewn clothing, and ate canned food from the garden during the winter months. Dean and his four siblings were the first in his extended family to attend school past the 8th grade and remain among very few relatives to have ever graduated from high school. Four out of five siblings went to college, and Dean continued on to the University of Chicago, eventually earning a Master’s degree in Business. My husband’s status as a first-generation college graduate has influenced my career path in a significant way.

After our children were born, I volunteered in the public schools, ultimately serving as PTA President. When the kids were older, I decided to head back to work – starting as an intern in a charter school, Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST). Twenty years had passed, and I found myself, once again, interning for a ground-breaking public school program!

One aspect of DSST that speaks to me is the organization’s dedication to “Core Values,” which echo the five words on Hyde’s shield (in fact three of the words are identical: Courage, Curiosity, and Integrity). It is important for me to be in a place that values something above and beyond achievement and is focused on the potential in every person.

After completing my internship with the College Placement Department at one of DSST’s high schools, I became the Staff Support and Benefits Coordinator at the Home Office. Though the world of benefits is not super exciting, I loved this job because I was among the first in our organization to welcome new team members, and we were growing – fast! Since I started in the fall of 2010, DSST has grown from three schools on two campuses to seven schools on five campuses as of this summer.

I am now an Executive Assistant at DSST and enjoy working closely with those who strategize on smart growth and development so we can serve more students. I am privileged to work in a place that puts values first, just as I was fortunate to have attended a high school that always put character first. Two of my children are now attending a DSST Middle School, and as a family, we are blessed to have encountered the most amazing opportunities in education across two generations.

Bob Felt ’90

Head of Hyde-Woodstock

My life has come full circle thanks to an experience I had when I was 15 years old attending a prep school in Bath, Maine which focused on character, grit, and family.

While in life we all experience the highs and the lows, I have learned to handle the highs with class and humility and the lows with the attitude of Do Not Quit.

My life today can be best summed up with my top five life lessons:

1. Family is everything: Today I am the proud father of two boys and have been happily married for 14 years. My parents and I have formed a relationship that was “forged in fire” when I was a teenager, and it is now a friendship based around truth and loyalty.

2. Lifestyle: Sobriety has been a key ingredient in my life for the last 21 years.

3. Hard Work: Today I appreciate a hard day’s work. There is only one way to get from Point A to Point B, and that is through hard work and determination.

4. Integrity: Who are you when no one is looking?

5. Legacy: Who you are is more important than what you have or what you can do.

All courtesy of a Hyde School Education!


– Bob graduated from Hyde in the class of 1990 and from Springfield College in 1994. He was voted NCAA Lacrosse Player of the Year and Captain of the National Lacrosse Championship Team. He then played for the Professional Indoor Lacrosse Boston Blazers.
– Bob began his career at Hyde-Woodstock as a teacher-coach in 1996. Since then he has been appointed Director of Admissions and Assistant Headmaster.
– Bob has been married for 14 years, and he and his wife Brooke have two children, Cooper age 12, and Eli age 8. One of Bob’s personal accomplishments is being a 2x Ironman World Championship finisher in Kona, Hawaii.
– In January 2013, Bob became Headmaster-elect of Hyde-Woodstock.

Bob Felt '90
Bob Felt today
Bob Felt with his wife Brooke and sons Eli and Cooper
Bob Felt with his wife Brooke and sons Eli and Cooper

Robert King ’89

Robert King today, photo from www.vice.com
Robert King today, photo from www.vice.com
Shooting Robert King documentary
Shooting Robert King documentary
Robert King in Aleppo, Syria in September 2012
Robert King in Aleppo, Syria in September 2012

Documenting Historic Defining Moments

After graduating from Hyde in 1989, I graduated with honors from Pratt Institute in 1993. Since then, I have traveled the world while working as an independent multi-platformed journalist with a background in photography and video.  During the last two decades, I have been blessed and cursed with numerous opportunities to photograph wars, revolutions, natural disasters, presidents, senators, military generals, members of the British Royal Family, celebrities, newsmakers, and many other defining moments from our shared history.

My photographic and multi-media works are and have been published in just about every leading news publication and broadcasted on news networks such as CNN, BBC, MSNBC, Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Stern, Paris Match, Vice Media, and Al Jazeera Networks.

Also, I have been a nominee for many industry awards. Many of my photographic works can be found in private art and museum collections located in the US, UK, EU, and RU. There is a documentary produced by the Front Line Club of London titled “Shooting Robert King” that offers an insightfully rare and sometimes raw view on the risks and tolls journalist must take every day in order to bring society the information needed to make informed and educated decisions.

On the personal side: The most important thing in my life is family. I have been blessed with a wife, a daughter, and a nine-year-old son. The values taught at Hyde School have been a major contributor in shaping my character and my spirit as an impassioned life-long learner who thrives in collaborating with people to unleash our true potential.

Jodi Hinchman Calvi ’90

Wellness and Loving Service

After graduating from Hyde, I majored in Biology and Anthropology in Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota; then I spent five years in San Francisco working in biomedical research. In 1999, I moved to Atlanta, GA and earned an MA in Public Health at Emory University. I worked for eight years as a Senior Research Associate in health promotion, prevention, and behavioral research to encourage healthier lifestyle choices. I obtained Yoga Teacher Certification in 2012.

I met my husband, Brian Calvi, in 2004, and we married in 2006. We honeymooned in Costa Rica and from there our lives took on a new course and purpose – we decided to open a wellness center in Costa Rica and be in loving service!

My husband and I both overcame chronic diseases with the raw food diet and spiritual seeking. For myself, I had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was an infant and asthma since I was age 16 (the Hyde years!).  In seeking to reclaim my health, I exhausted pharmaceutical and alternative medicines. The journey I underwent is more than I can write about here. But, the end result is manifested in my life now. Brian and I achieved health when we learned and applied the principals of raw food nutrition, correct thinking, and healthful living.

Driven by compassion and gratitude, we were inspired to open a wellness center, where we could give back all that we had learned and be affordable for all people to transform as we had. Shortly after our honeymoon, we purchased land in Costa Rica and commenced with creating our dream. Farm of Life opened its doors in 2009. Farm of Life (www.farmoflifecr.com) is the vacation for the healthy lifestyle, an organic farm, and a natural healing center. Sitting atop a lush green valley, we have 37 pristine acres of fruit orchards, permaculture gardens, and old-growth forest; a beautiful communal kitchen where guests prepare their own nourishing meals; eco-friendly cabins; a heavenly Yoga rancho; meditation vortexes; and nearby eco-destinations to epic waterfalls and Pacific beaches.

My work is multi-faceted, feels more like play than work, and is based on being in loving service. Loving service is the idea of caring for others first, sharing of myself and discovering all I have to offer. I teach Yoga, guide tours, prepare meals, hostess, health coach, garden, supervise employees and tackle the heap of administrative duties. Most importantly, my role and purpose is to motivate guests by modeling a healthy lifestyle and offering a space that completely supports them to transform in body, mind, and spirit and deepen their soul connection.

Jody Hinchman Calvi today
Jody Hinchman Calvi today
Jody with her husband Brian in Costa Rica
Jody with her husband Brian in Costa Rica