At the Heart of Hyde Athletics

Mission Statement: to physically and mentally challenge individuals to test and discover their character and potential.

Students at Hyde play three sports during the academic year—one per trimester.

The soccer team that advances to the championship game or the basketball team that hoists a division trophy on its shoulders is not necessarily stacked with the school’s most talented athletes. These teams are comprised of students with steadfast dedication to improve as players. Their commitment to fellow teammates brings them success—on and off the field.

And even on those occasions when the final score doesn’t favor Hyde, the athletes are cheered into the locker room by dozens of adoring, blue-and-gold-painted fans.

Students who’ve never played a pick-up game of basketball can find themselves on championship teams. An athlete who plays soccer like she was born wearing cleats, may give up the perfect shot to allow a less experienced teammate have a chance at glory. Which one are you?

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Did you know?

  • Hyde athletes are known throughout New England and beyond for their outstanding sportsmanship.
  • Referees have been known to vie for the opportunity to ref Hyde School competitions.
  • Janitors have been known to vie for clean-up of the Hyde fan section of the gym after competitions. (We really do leave it better than we found it!)

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