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MIBS Tour 2018

Registration for the Maine Boarding School Tour is now open. 
April 15-17, 2017
Participating Schools: Bridgton Academy, Gould Academy, Hebron Academy, Hyde School, Kents Hill School, Summit Achievement
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About Hyde

The whole person philosophy that guides all learning and teaching at Hyde’s boarding campus in Bath, Maine, and through public school initiatives in Bronx and Brooklyn, New York and affiliate schools in Orlando, Florida and Lanham, Maryland, is to develop the individual by developing their inner leadership. Along with a rigorous academic and athletic program, students participate in singer-songwriter workshops, preforming and visual arts programs, student-mentoring programs in Hyde’s New York charter schools, and internship and volunteer experiences that help to apply learning to real life. Hyde’s unique character education program helps not only students, but parents, siblings, and grandparents. Hyde teaches that it is never too late to fulfill your unique potential and gain the tools needed for a successful life. Ninety-eight percent of Hyde School graduates are accepted to four-year colleges.

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The Uniqueness of Hyde: Hyde vs. Traditional & Therapeutic Schools

  Hyde vs Traditional & Therapeutic Schools (PDF)

Webinar Recordings

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Biggest Job Family Program Webinar Recordings

Authority, Control & Vulnerability: How do we create a partnership between adults and students

Creating a Character Culture at Home

Parenting Boot Camp Basics

Biggest Job Webinar Recordings
with Laura Gauld and Pam Hardy

Priority #1: Taking Hold and Letting Go

Priority #2: Principles Over Rules

Priority #3: Attitude Over Aptitude

Priority #4: Set High Expectations and Let Go Of The Outcomes

Priority #5: Value Success And Failure

Priority #6: Allowing Obstacles To Become Opportunities

Priority #7: Taking Hold And Letting Go

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