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A Special Announcement from Hyde School

Dear Members of the Hyde Community, We write to explain a significant development in our ongoing efforts to provide quality, transformative education while honoring our responsibility to secure Hyde’s future. Yesterday the Board of Governors voted to accept an offer from Woodstock Academy (CT), the local public/private secondary school, to purchase our Woodstock campus. Pending completion… Read more »

“Connecticut Youth Leadership Day” Inspires Connecticut Students

 On Monday, May 16th at Hyde School in Woodstock, 100 middle and high school students from northeastern Connecticut joined the students and faculty at Hyde for Connecticut Youth Leadership Day. State Representative Mike Alberts kicked off the day with poignant opening remarks, challenging the students to: “do the right thing,” “Stand by your convictions,” “pay… Read more »

Hyde-Woodstock Introduces School-Wide Wellness Concept

The plan to embed a new concept of wellness at Hyde Woodstock began last fall with the introduction of Yoga and Mindful Meditation.  Learning from the data collected during the sample, the Woodstock administration scheduled a December Wellness month within a three week time frame. All students faculty and staff participated in three Wellness programs… Read more »

Hyde-Woodstock Celebrates International Week

Chinese New Year started off International Week on the Hyde-Woodstock campus. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and the trip to Chinatown in Boston was postponed until the following Sunday.  At the Tuesday morning meeting several Chinese students presented the school with a lesson on the New Year, the importance of chopsticks, and family traditions…. Read more »