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College Bound – 5 Tips to Keep Up Your Self Confidence

If you’re heading off to college for the first time, chances are you’re nervous – for a range of different reasons. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about having to get to know a new group of people, be challenged by new academic courses, work out finances, and figure out where you’re going to live… Read more »

Founder Joseph Gauld’s 2017 Spring Family Weekend Talk

I hope you apply this talk to your parenting, which includes your own life. First, since children imitate us from birth, we parents need to focus on being growth models for them, which hopefully minimizes our authority role. Further, since children’s minds don’t think logically until age 11, they learn to listen to our hearts,… Read more »

Public School vs. Private School, and then there’s Hyde

By Zach Jennings ’17, pictured above left A conversation that is frequently brought up in the boarding school community is how it differs from our nation’s public education system. Being a transfer student from a public school, I’ll be the first to admit that neither one is perfect, and in the end, it all boils… Read more »

President Malcolm’s Blog

Patella Blues

You can tell a lot about someone by the way he or she acts on a basketball court.

The Beauty of the Trees

As a Hyde long-timer, I can get so caught up in pondering the philosophical forest that I miss the beauty of the trees, those daily interactions and occurrences that truly make this such a special community. So, I decided to spend a week making daily note of signature Only @ Hyde moments from my office in… Read more »

John S. Hyde (1867-1917) 100 Years On

Among my frequent guilty pleasures is an afternoon break that starts with a cup of Alonzo’s Double Dark at Café Crème on the corner of Front and Center in downtown Bath. I’m out the Mansion front door at 3:28 so as to miss one of Maine’s biggest traffic jams — especially brutal this time of year due to the viaduct reconstruction project — when the BIW afternoon… Read more »