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Wilderness FLC: Bonding in Nature

By Faculty Andrew Herwig Looking to go beyond the traditional on-campus FLC experience, six adventurous families chose to trek to (and around) the Black Wilderness Preserve in Eustis, Maine. The Wilderness FLC is an opportunity to bond with your family member while camping, cooking over fire, hiking, and canoeing–and, of course, enjoying the seminar experience… Read more »

Lax Players Journey North for a Game with the Passamaquoddy Tribe

By Lacrosse Coach Chris Kidger After classes on Friday, September 21, a group of Hyde Boys Lacrosse players hopped on a bus to make a 4-and-a-half hour trek into the north of Maine. The destination–Indian Township with an overnight pit stop at the Grant family camp in Grand Lake Stream. After the long drive, a… Read more »

My Hyde Admission Process – From Interview to Enroll

By Emile Button ’19 Emile, pictured above second from the right, during a Hyde summer program I’ve been told that the Hyde admissions process is unlike any other school’s admissions process. However, the last time I needed to apply to get into private school, I was in second grade, so I honestly don’t remember much…. Read more »

President Malcolm’s Blog

“Always a Class Act”

“I wish we had a three-minute video that just showed Hyde on the court and in the bleachers.”