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Hyde Music Students Celebrate a Stellar Year

From Bath, Maine to Nashville, Tennessee, the students taking music classes at Hyde School have had an incredible year. To culminate the achievements of the students this year, the Hyde School Music Department hosted a recital event at the Chocolate Church in Bath, Maine. The evening featured student work ranging from soloists to large group… Read more »

A Life-Changing Visit – Pennsylvania Public School Educators Inspired By Hyde Visit

Monday and Tuesday of this week, Hyde welcomed a group of nine public school educators from East Pennsboro, Pennsylvania – Justin Newkam, Amy Rehmeyer, Aaron Leota, Sara Clarke, Kyle Atkinson, Aimee Downing, April Scott, Meredith Savage, and Adam Downing. The relationship between the schools began over twenty years ago when Robert Hassinger, former superintendent of schools in Halifax, PA, heard Hyde Founder Joseph Gauld… Read more »

The Future Plans and Reflections of Six 2018 Graduates

At Hyde we have the privilege of working with an exceptional group of young people, and to be part of their growth as they challenge themselves to discover their unique potential and develop their character to its fullest. Graduation gives us time to reflect on the tremendous accomplishments of those moving on to college, taking… Read more »

President Malcolm’s Blog

“Always a Class Act”

“I wish we had a three-minute video that just showed Hyde on the court and in the bleachers.”

Senior Evals?… What’s that?

We are in the final week of the school year and the faculty and seniors are thoroughly immersed in Senior Evals.  What’s that, you ask? Well, for one thing, it’s truly a #only@hyde thing. About such things, we have traditionally said, “Well, you really just need to see it.” However, since Evals are a confidential… Read more »