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Hyde School Welcomes Woolwich Native as New Admission Director

We are excited to announce that Kristin L. Harman has accepted a position as the Director of Admissions starting on March 15. Kristin’s career has been in teaching and admissions where she worked in private schools in Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York City/Brooklyn. She recently left the Trevor Day School where she was Director… Read more »

Where to find quality discounted PC and Mac laptops

By Hyde-Bath Technology Director Joel Randazza At the risk of portraying myself as a tightwad, my second contribution to this site is a quick rundown on the benefits and cost savings of buying refurbished computers and laptops.  If you recall, my first was about low-cost or free software for students. Although I do like to… Read more »

President Malcolm’s Blog

John S. Hyde (1867-1917) 100 Years On

Among my frequent guilty pleasures is an afternoon break that starts with a cup of Alonzo’s Double Dark at Café Crème on the corner of Front and Center in downtown Bath. I’m out the Mansion front door at 3:28 so as to miss one of Maine’s biggest traffic jams — especially brutal this time of year due to the viaduct reconstruction project — when the BIW afternoon… Read more »

Al McClain ’80

Turning to offensive performances, there is one that comes immediately to mind.

Hyde & Character #2

2 More Points of DifferentiationStaying with the theme of Hyde’s differentiation, here are two more points: 11. Traditional boarding schools place their primary emphasis on college preparation/placement and presume that positive character development will follow as a residual outcome. We place our primary emphasis on character development and presume that positive college placement will follow… Read more »

Hyde & Character

10 Points of DifferentiationI’m often asked a question along the lines of… “How is Hyde’s focus on character unique in comparison to a host of other schools that claim to develop character?”  In response, I humbly present ten points of differentiation. We were first (1966). Fifty years later, we may well be the only one that truly puts… Read more »

BK Off Campus

“We help others achieve their best.” I mean, who could have a problem with that? That statement is the definition of Brother’s Keeper (BK), easily the Hyde student’s most controversial topic and the one he/she has the most difficulty accepting, to say nothing of embracing. There are at least two reasons for this. First, no one… Read more »